Nkauj Hmoob Noj Neeg (The Cannibalistic Girl)

The Cannibalistic Girl is a film based on a true love story, which took place about 5,000 years ago. Tou Feng has always wanted to attend the prestigious Siam University in Bangkok, Thailand. One day his dream came true. He was admitted to the university. In one of his class, Tou Feng was assigned by his professor to begin a research project that would look at old religious practices and why people still uses them. During research, he traveled by his dream to the ancien time. Then, he'd gone to a mysterious Hmong village. In the village, where their forever love had begun because Tou Feng was well versed in Hmong ways. He was especially known for his Kheng (Qeej) skill. His talent impresses Nayoua so much that she fell in love with him. Then, they decided to get married, not knowing that Noyoua village practice cannibalism. The rule in this village Nayoua must turn over the first born to the parents for sacrifice to the ancestors. By doing so, it believe that the ancestors will in turn protect the couple and the village. After Tou Feng found out about this ritual, he realized that he made a mistake by marrying Nayoua, the Cannibalistic Girl. He made the difficult decision because of his love for Noyoua. Would he left Nayoua and fled the village with his new born son or stay with her in the village and accepting their inhumanity of religious practices?